Żywiec Group

Żywiec Group is one of the largest companies in the food industry in Poland, it is also one of the largest distribution companies operating in the Polish. Żywiec Trade has 13 branches and 66 distribution points.


Project: Żywiec Group

The main objectives of the project

  • Improving the functioning of the finance department and sales department
  • The creation of a central repository of contracts with the counterparties
  • Integrating the system with the existing document circulation system
  • Implementation of solutions that informs users about contract’s effective dates

The scale of implementation

  • Handling tens of thousands of contracts annually
  • 90 users


We have analyzed the business processes in the company, designed the the implementation of the agreement/document archive. We have designed the access and permissions control structure. We have implemented a contract monitoring process. The last stages of the project included development of the central archives and solution’s integration with legacy systems (SAP ERP, SAP CRM ).


  • Documentum Content Server 5.3
  • Webtop 5.3
  • Archive Services for SAP 5.3
  • Content Services for SAP 5.3


As of the end of 2014. System handled :

  • Processing of 230,000 contractors
  • 110,000 contracts stored in the repository

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