Pekao Financial Service

One of the main transfer agents operating on the Polish investment funds market. Part of an international group UniCredit.


Projekt: Pekao Financial Service

The main objectives of the project

  • Implementation of the CRM system to handle customers applications
  • Integration with the contact center
  • Integration with legacy system

The scale of implementation

  • Over 50 users
  • Support funds belonging to 3 different investment fund management companies


We have performed implementation and migration of historical data. As a result, we have created the CRM system to handle client’s requests and orders.


  • Siebel CRM

Efekty projektu:

Wg stanu na koniec 2014 roku system obsługiwał:

  • Przetwarzanie danych 230.000 kontrahentów
  • Przechowywanie 110.000 umów w repozytorium

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