Grupa RWE

The RWE Group is a European energy group, specializing in the extraction of raw materials, energy production and sales, distribution of electricity and gas. In Poland, the group supports more than 800,000 individual clients, 60,000 enterprises in the small and medium companies and 3,000 corporations and large enterprises.

We have realized 3 large projects in cooperation with a RWE:

  • Grid attachment management system
  • Documentation archives management system
  • KEDI System



The project "EDI System"

EDI System was another project implemented for the RWE Group.

The main objectives of the project

  • To improve service of 40,000 paper documents incoming per month to the group’s offices
  • To eliminate the abuses resulting from multiple “inbound” locations
  • To eliminate Excel based document registers used by local branches
  • To reduce the costs associated with the transmission of documents between branches by delivery companies
  • To introduce the supervision process over the process of mail handling

The scale of implementation

  • Number of users: 300
  • Number of documents: 2 million per year


As a project result, the following functionalities was implemented:

  • The process of scanning the entire correspondence
  • OCR module configuration
  • The process of correspondence service
  • Mechanism for employees workload control
  • Mechanism for processes escalations monitoring
  • Integration with SAP

Other Clients