Grupa RWE

The RWE Group is a European energy group, specializing in the extraction of raw materials, energy production and sales, distribution of electricity and gas. In Poland, the group supports more than 800,000 individual clients, 60,000 enterprises in the small and medium companies and 3,000 corporations and large enterprises.

We have realized 3 large projects in cooperation with a RWE:

  • Grid attachment management system
  • Documentation archives management system
  • EDI System



Project: Grid attachment management system      Documentation archives management system      EDI System

Project „System that manage new terminals attachment process”

The project consisted of digitization and improvement of handling process of connecting new customers to the grid of RWE Group in the ​Polish area.

The main objectives of the project

  • Reduction of delays in the implementation of the investment budget
  • Process systematizing
  • Reducing penalties rates due to exceeded deadlines
  • Introduction of control over the whole process
  • Reducing the number of email and telephone contacts
  • Provide current information about the process to the customer

The scale of the project

  • Number of users: 300
  • The number of process instances running per month: 1000+
  • Number modeled process variants: 15


The project started with the audit and in-depth analysis of existing solutions. It’s main goals was to find the weak points, the most time-consuming and unreliable process steps. Identification of the problems was the basis for proposing the most reliable solution. Based on this knowledge we have built a central platform BPM/ECM, we have created business processes using EMC Documentum. We have created central repository for information related to the process. We have implemented reporting tool as well. System have been integrated with client ERP solutions (SAP) and GIS system.

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