Forms of cooperation

Team Leasing

You can outsource to us all Your project or just parts of them. Together we choose model of cooperation, deadline and cost (Fix Price or Time & Material). We are responsible for all works and deadlines. Important to you is only final result and savings.

Body Leasing

In this cooperation form you can lease our specialists. They will realize your task. We can put to your disposal specialists which you exactly need. We give to them equipment and place to work. You manage their time and tasks.

offer-icon-1 In relations

  • We want to create long-time business relationship
  • We put special emphasis on understanding the needs of clients, their goals and expectations
  • Important for us is customer satisfaction and the quality of the work performed

What do you gain by using our services?

  • Fast and easy access to experienced specialists and their know how.
  • Experts focused on your project and tasks.
  • Professionals who fluently speak English.
  • Comfortable cooperation forms – our experts work for you only when you need it.
  • Cut your expenses.
  • Higher efficiency – you can focus of your business no IT problems.
  • Minimum formalities.

What kind of tools we use to collaborate with your team?

  • To communicate we use Skype and Hangout and of course phone and mail.
  • To manage tasks we use Jira.
  • To make and share documentation we use Confluence and Google Drive.
  • As a code repositories we use GitHub and BitBucket.